AHS Device Hong Kong Limited (thereafter called “AHS Device”) is wholly owned subsidiaries of ATRenew Inc.  (Listed on NYSE: RERE) (thereafter called “the Group”).


Established in 2011,  ATRenew Inc. has now become one of the largest electronics recycling platforms in China. Under this umbrella, there are four main businesses: AHS Recycle, PJT Marketplace, Paipai Marketplace and AHS Device. As one of the industry leaders, we have been continuously promoting circular economy in China.


AHS Devices is dedicated for overseas businesses and markets. We have offices in Japan, Malaysia, the U.S. and mainland China; our headquarters is located in Hong Kong, China. We also have investments in the South America market (TROCAFONE) and India market (CASHIFY).


In Hong Kong, the global trading center for second-hand electronics, we help these products circulate in various markets around the word through the channels we established in different regions.


Leveraging our core capabilities in trade-in/buyback business, we also partnered with tier-1 manufacturers and local leading network operators to launch trade-in programs and provide a one-stop trade-in solution to the local markets.

Our goals
  • Encouraging green consumption
    AHS Device is committed to encouraging more consumers to purchase second-hand electronics rather than new devices.
  • Providing best recycling services
    AHS Device is dedicated to offering the most convenient and efficient services for clients in the realm of second-hand device recycling.
  • Safeguarding the environment
    As a responsible company, AHS Device adheres to recycling and managing abandoned second-hand devices, which can help prevent electronic pollution on the planet.
  • Transforming trash into treasure
    AHS Device is dedicated to creating a worldwide trading platform for second-hand electronics that revitalizes idle devices and transforms waste into treasure.